Wuxi New Anjie New Energy Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of continuous casting equipment.

We can supply clients with a whole set of continuous casting equipment, as well as the parts of continuous casting equipment. Our continuous casting plant consists of tundish, tundish car, mold system, vibration device, secondary cooling device, straightening unit, dummy bar storage system, flame cutting machine, etc. The arc continuous casting equipment produced by New Anjie is mainly used to manufacture square billet, round billet, steel slab and steel profile. Of course, the shape of the steel billet is up to the mold. Read More

Parts of Continuous Casting Machine
    1. Liquid Steel Ladle before pouring to tundish
    2. Liquid steel ladle before pouring to tundish is an important part of the continuous casting machine, which is made up of swivel arm, ...
    1. Steel Continuous Casting Tundish
    2. Steel continuous casting tundish is a steel structure intermediate container connecting liquid steel ladle and the mold system.
    1. Tundish Car
    2. Tundish car is used to transport the tundish and it adopts semi-suspension design, mounted on the main operating platform.
    1. Continuous Casting Mold System
    2. Continuous casting mold system is for the initial solidification of liquid steel and the formation of strand.
    1. Spray Cooling System (Secondary Cooling)
    2. Secondary cooling is carried out after the steel billet is withdrawn from the mold system. It aims for forced and even cooling on the billet surface to solidify the billet in a shorter time.
    1. Slab Continuous Straightening Unit
    2. New Anjie adopts the continuous straightening unit mainly functioning in billet withdrawal and the continuous straightening of the circular arc billet.
    1. Dummy Bar Storage Device
    2. Powder metal sintered structure parts are sintered products produced through powder pressing and sintering.
    1. Slab Rolling Conveyor
    2. After the casting billet is straightened, it is transferred by roller table for manual flame cutting.
Auxiliary Machines

Before continuous casing, the raw materials should be molten firstly.